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March 23, 2015

Spring Cleaning/Planning

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If you know me you know that I like to make list after list after list. Of course crossing things of the lists as a I go is a bonus. Now that we are on our 4th day of spring its time to start cleaning and planning. I’m not talking dusting shelves and throwing out trash. Rather, I mean getting the permanent ice house off the lake and beginning to prepare for the open water. This entails knowing your local laws and regulations. Most places permanent houses need to be off the lake by now, Remember, this does mean that fishing is over. In discussing ice fishing as always it is important to remember safety. This time of year Mother Nature is constantly teasing us giving us warm weather, a few inches of snow, another warm-up and back to cooler temps again. With this occurring it is essential to be aware of ice condition on your lake as changes in temperature can compromise its integrity. Any changes that need to made to your houses should be done right after removing from the lake so one is not forgetting or in a hurry next ice season.

Now that we’ve cleaned up from ice fishing and made it off the lake safely, it’s time to plan for the upcoming open water season. During this time it is important to pick up a current fishing license, pick up your states regulation book, be aware specific lakes regulations, and be proactive in combatting aquatic invasive species. If you have a trip or two planned for the upcoming year it would be a great idea to confirm your reservation, pay any deposits to hold reservations, get together with those you are traveling with and work out the details. Now the fun part….get out your boat, fishing poles, lures etc and examine anything that needs to be repaired or replaced. Depending on where you live, I highly recommend hitting up a local sports show for the latest and greatest. I can honestly say I have never gone to show and now come out with at least 1 new item that I can use for the upcoming season……OK to be honest I could probably add a few more things to your list to think about but I want to know what you cleaned up and are planning for the next season
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September 17, 2014

Fall Colors and All that Accompany it!

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Some people prefer summer trips, some in the winter, some abroad. But there is a special group of people that enjoy scenic byways filled with fall colors on the leaves, sweatshirt weather and maybe even an afternoon of Sunday football. When preparing for this blog my mother found something that would be a little informative as well as pertaining to our favorite place, Bowstring Shores of course! Being new to this blogging trend I will place the link of the website to find a picture of what I am about to describe and a little travel advice for those looking for the perfect time and place to travel.

In a nutshell fall colors are produced by 4 chemicals. They are chlorophyll, carotenoids, anthocyanins, and tannins.
Chlorophyll is known for the green color of the leaves.
Carotenoids are known for the yellow and oranges.
Anthocyanins are known for reds and purples.
Tannins as some could guess are what give off the brown coloring. I could go into photosynthesis and all but who wants to think of that while on vacation :)
This great site also gave a visual diagram of the peak times to visit Minnesota. Bowstring Shores resort is listed as Mid September to Early October. So this prime time to get a fall weekend getaway in.

Those of you that have visited Bowstring Shores Resort in the past may have noticed in the fall the big tree in the center of the island in the fall. This is one of my favorite things to take a picture of throughout the year to see the changes in the tree. My main purpose of this blog is to get people’s favorite fall story, see pictures that capture your image of fall and provide a little insight of why fall is so beautiful.

August 24, 2014

It’s a Family Tradition

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With all the hustle and bustle of today’s times it can be hard to fit in some of the finer things in life. One of my favorite things I have witnessed while living and working at Bowstring is watching traditions develop and continue. Year after year we are blessed with new guests and guests that have been coming to the resort longer than we’ve owned it. We know by the families coming back that they enjoy that long weekend, hunting trip or week away with family and friends means a lot to them. Some traditions that I’ve seen over time are annual fishing tournaments with themes, t-shirts, trophies and winner-buys-ice-cream stipulations. The campground has begun cook-outs, developed new friendships and it sounds like a 5K walk-run is in the making. The Oelke family isn’t able to get everyone there every time or many times throughout the year together but we always look forward to our Annual August Fishing Trip!! The point being no matter how long the time with family and friends or meeting new people enjoy the memories and time together.

Bowstring Shores invited everyone to post their favorite family tradition over the years (picture or story) or something you would like to see as a family/friend tradition.

July 24, 2014

Planning for Bowstring (any trip really)

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1) Make a list
I would recommend making multiple lists. This may include a packing list, grocery list, list of things to pick up on the way, a list of activities to do, and things to remember to pack/recheck the cabin.

2) Confirm your reservation
Call ahead of time to make sure all things are set in place or any changes need to be made. Provide a list of names of people in the cabin. Bring any paper copies of your reservation in case there are questions and record keeping.

3) Check into amenities (laundry, kennel, wi-fi)
Depending on your length of stay and type of vacation you are looking for this can be vital for saving money, space on packing, or overall happiness of those attending or not attending the trip. If your resort does not have the amenities it may be vital to check if some place nearby has what you are looking for, costs and hours of operation.

4) Bills due while you’re gone?
Packing and last minute preparations can make you forget about things that are extremely important. Again, depending on your length of stay, you may want to adjust your heat/cooling. Notify any companies if your service needs to shut off temporarily. Set up auto-pay or send bills before you go so it’s a stress free environment.

5) Check into methods of payment before you go
Always be sure you have enough cash, check into balances on cards, how much you can withdraw in a day, and know if you are splitting bills with others or not before it’s a weekend or too far from home to make adjustments.

6) Vehicle/boat maintenance
Spending a few extra minutes checking tires, oil, windshield washer fluid, wipers, AC/heat , or batteries can save time, money and frustrations on your ‘relaxing time’.

7) State license and regulations
Fines and irresponsible conservation can not only effect your vacation this year but those upcoming. Be sure to follow rules regarding limits, seasons, length, aquatic invasive species, and ash bore. Make sure you bring a Photo ID wherever you go.

8) Know if your accommodations are furnished or unfurnished
Knowing if you need to bring your own coffee pot/liners can really make the difference in starting your day off in a normal routine as during a regular work week. But on a more serious note other important things to look for are electricity, linens, stoves/fridges, or dock space.

9) Need a house sitter?
Don’t forget about the pet, plants or overall security of your home. Have someone you trust check in on your home for you.

10) Have fun and make memories

Please add in the comment section below some things you wish to share with others about not forgetting to do on vacation, an experience good or bad which has happened to you or just your favorite idea from the list that you hadn’t heard of before. Fish on Bowstringers!

June 3, 2014

New Beginnings!

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Welcome to the first Blog Posting of Bowstring Shores Resort. This blog is intended to keep in contact with people and link those that have stayed at Bowstring Shores in the past, have current reservations, and those looking at finding a new place that is a part of their family tradition. This year embarks the 7th summer that Oelke’s have been owners of Bowstring Shores Resort and each year people walk through the doors and notice something new and wondering how it got done. This year if you were to come visit you will find of course, a new blog, a new sign that welcomes you into the resort, you will notice that Wi-Fi is resort wide, a webcam is installed and aimed down the infamous 160 ft. dock in live time, new boats, a few cosmetic changes and a brand new Cabin #11 (I’m sure I’m forgetting something)!!! I assure you Darv and Marjean are always thinking of new ways to make your vacation as relaxing and care free as possible and 2015 will present new amenities.

What isn’t new is finding Darv down on the dock making sure you have what you need to have an enjoyable fishing experience and Marjean welcoming you upon check in and serving up some of the best ice cream around!!

As stated earlier the blog is new to Bowstring Shores. We would love it to be interactive so feel free to post comments as well as suggestions for things you would like to talk about or stories from your families past stays! Bring on Summer 2014. Until next time Bowstring Bloggers!!

April 12, 2005

Hello world!

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